Video Gallery

  • Swimming through the Keyhole at Los Coronados (27/11/13)

    Swimming through the keyhole at Los Coronados can only be done on very calm days. Fortunatley, the conditions were perfect during TID's October trip to the Coronado Islands aboard the Humbolt dive boat.

  • Playing with a California Sea Lion - 27 November 2013

    A favorite activity of many a diver while visiting Lobster Shack is to play with the numerous sea lions. Lobster Shack is a California sea lion rookery where many juveniles love to tease the divers that enter their waters!

  • Open Water Classes - Checkout Dives (3/4 August 2013)

    Videos of the amazing divers that we certified over the previous weekend. Visibility was at least 30ft!
    Congratulations to all our newly certified divers.

  • Horn Shark Encounter - 16 July 2013

    Check out this 3-4ft Male Horn Shark chilling on the edge of the canyon at ~50ft!

  • Red Octopus Getting Dinner - 16 July 2013

    A Red Octopus taking advantage of our dive lights and grabbing some snacks.

  • Marine Room Canyon Dive - July 2013

    Images from the TID club dive at the Marine Room. Courtesy of Rita T.

  • Flamboyant Cuttle Fish - Philippines

    A colorful cuttle trip from a client's recent trip to the Philippines. Courtesy of Penny G.

  • 4th of July Dive - La Jolla Shores

    Exploits from our dive club, Total Immersion Divers!








































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