• Rescue Course

    Diver Stress & Rescue

    Increase your confidence and skills in this challenging course. Learn techniques for self rescue, as well as helping others.

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  • Night Course

    Night & Limited Visibility Diver

    The underwater world is a new & mystical world for us. While diving at night you can discover a different side of this world from a new perspective!

  • Enriched Air / NITROX Diver

    For the average sport diver, using Nitrox can greatly increase bottom time on dives in the depth range of 40 - 130 feet.

  • Dry Suit Course

    Dry Suit Diver

    Warm no what the temperature, a dry suit certification will allow you to be comfortable in all diving situations.

  • Navigation Course

    Underwater Navigation

    Improve your dive planning! Learn how to effectively use a compass to plan more effective dives.

  • Deep Diver

    Learn the procedures to increase diver safety on dives deeper than 80 feet. This course cover emergency decompression including the use and deployment of an emergency breathing supply.

  • Boat Diving Course

    Boat Diver

    As one of the most common types of diving, boat diving adds ease and comfort to diving. This course covers the specifics of diving as they pertain to boat diving such as entry/exit techniques, safety and rescue procedures, and more.

  • Wreck Diving Course

    Wreck Diver

    As countries everywhere are sinking artificial reefs in enhance the enjoyment of divers, wreck diving is becoming increasingly popular. The wreck diver course cover techniques specific to wreck diving including reel use and deployment, as well as wreck penetration techniques.

  • Perfect Buoyancy Course

    Perfect Buoyancy Control Diver

    Become a master of your enviroment! The perfect buoyancy course will help you fine tuned your buoyancy skills. Learn how the movement of weight effects your buoyancy and trim.

  • Digital Underwater Photography & Editing

    The Digital Underwater Photography Course helps improve your underwater picture taking skills. Your instructor will cover everything from buoyancy for underwater photography to editing the images post-dive.

  • Search & Recovery Course

    Search & Recovery Diver

    Learn methods to effectively search for lost items. Once found, this course also covers how to safety bring an object up from depth through the use of lift bags.

  • Science of Diving Course

    Science of Diving

    This course covers the "behind the scenes" of scuba diving. Learn about the physics and physiology of scuba diving. Your instructor will also help you understand the evolution of scuba from its inceptions to today.