• Advanced Adventurer Certification

    Advanced Adventurer Course

    This course is perfect for students right out of Open Water class or those who want to gain more experience with different types of dives. This course provides you with 5 additional dives with an instructor to increase confidence. Your dives will include:
    Deep Dive
    Underwater Navigation
    Night Dive and 2 additional dives of your choosing.

  • Advanced Open Water Certification

    Advanced Open Water Diver Certification

    The Advanced Open Water Diver Certification is earned and cannot be bought. In order to qualify for this certification level, a diver must show proof of 4 completed specialty course and 24 logged dives.

    When our divers present their AOW certification card, they can be assured that they are truly qualified as an Advanced Open Water Diver

  • Speciality Diver Certification

    Specialty Diver Certification

    A step between Open Water/Advanced Adventurer certification, the Specialty Diver certification is awarded to divers who have achieved 2 specialty certifications and have proof of at least 12 logged dives.

  • Master Diver Certification

    Master Diver Certification

    The highest certification of recreational scuba divers, the Master Diver certification is only awarded to truly advanced and experienced divers. In order to qualify as a Master Diver, a diver must have earned:
    Diver Stress & Rescue certification
    4 additional specialty certifications
    and must have proof of at least 50 dives.
    Any diver may achieve this certification, all it takes is education and experience. Dive California's Instructors and Total Immersion Divers can help you to achieve this prize!