Freediving Level 2

Freediving swim


Experience the deep peace of a "freefall" and the buzz of completing a deep dive.

This course will give you a greater knowledge of the mammalian dive reflex and how it stimulates the best responses and adaptations for freediving in a fun, safe and professional environment.  Master the (Frenzel) advanced equalization technique and refine freediving skills that will lead you to more than 20 meters depth and improve your skills to perform comfortable dives to 30 meter. This includes, efficient duck dives, proper streamlining, finning technique, freefall, static & dynamic apnea. You will improve relaxation, preserve oxygen, breath-hold time ability and increase depth.


Course Pre-Requisites

  • Freediving Level I certification or equivalent and logged at least 15 freedives
  • Able to swim 400m nonstop without fins
  • Must be certified in first aid and CPR prior to final certification
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older (14 years with parent or guardian consent)
  • Must have a clear medical history or be cleared by a medical physician

Course Requirements

Each student is required to have/purchase the following items:

  • Digital Freediving study kit
  • Freedving Training Log Book
  • Certification Processing Fee
  • Provide fitted mask, fins and snorkel.

Some items are available for rent. Please inquire at Dive California for information.

Freediving Level 2 Certification Card

Freediving Level 2 Course:

Classroom and Pool Includes:

  •  Advanced Freediving equipment
  •  Advanced Freediving physiology
  • Post-dive recovery
  • Static and dynamic apnea performance and safety
  • Certification Card

Open Water Training Includes:

  • In-water safety and rescue
  • Target dives up to 100ft/30m
  • 7-8 hours of dive time
  • 1:4 Instructor to student ratio
  • Boat related fee may be an additional charge if applicable

Ocean & Class Fee: $495