La Jolla, California

Guided Shore Dives : $125 (2 dives) or $80* (1 dive)

California Garibaldi

Dive California guides are some of the most experienced divers you'll find in San Diego, and they're great people to hang out with too! Collectively, we have over one thousand dives in and around San Diego and many more in other locations around the world. We would love to show you the best that undersea San Diego has to offer!

Unless otherwise requested, our guided shore dives take place at La Jolla Shores or the La Jolla Cove, both of which are inside a Marine Reserve. Within the Marine Reserve it is unlawful to fish or remove anything (other than trash), which makes it great for observing marine life.

California Sea Lion

Diving at La Jolla Shores/Cove offers a wide variety of diving experiences, typically easy shore access and entry, reasonable visibility, and highly recommended for anybody interested in having an underwater experience in San Diego. Check out our Local Diving page for more information about San Diego dive sites.

Our staff dive at La Jolla Marine Reserve on a daily basis, and we greatly enjoy showing off the canyon walls, caves, cove, gardens and teeming marine life available on any given dive. Dive California's staff can make your guided dive safe, affordable, easy and enjoyable. Check out our Gallery for more local underwater wild life.

*We require a minimum of 2 divers in order to schedule a 1 tank guided dive (1 dive).Giant Kelp